Mason Link Development | 聯泰建設


Top Surrey Development Group | 素里首選開發商

About Us

Mason Link Development is an affiliated company with Fountana Group. We are a developer for multi-family, high and low-rise building. Our model is: creating spaces for your multi-functional life – whether it’s working, studying, resting or simply living your life – Mason Link Development develops the concept into reality. We embrace ideas and turn them into our living philosophy, meeting the challenge of creating the perfect spaces, presenting innovative ways to use space and quality construction, blending our talents, knowledge and various cultures to reflect our diversity in Canada.



Why Choose Us?

We look at lands and environment differently. We work with the best designer to realize client’s vision, while balancing economics and utility. We will plan and design with your needs and provide best project management value to see how ad when money is best used. You will experience a new level of design beauty on our commercial units like no others.



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