By amalgamating architecture and public art, Wave escapes from the traditional boundaries of real estate and realizes our vision of the future. It makes the statement that a building has more than just a form and function; that it should define the landscape, add a dimension of aesthetic appreciation, and stand as a monument of the time in which it was created. Wave proudly stands as the first wave-like high-rise with massive balcony spaces, capturing unprecedented vistas of the Greater Vancouver Area. With a long list of amenities and featuring four versatile selections of one to two-bedroom suites, penthouses, and townhomes, Wave provides the perfect home for local demographics of all family sizes.
HEIGHT: 28 stories
TOTAL SPACE: 201,795 square feet
CLOSE TO: Kwantlen Park Secondary, Safeway, Surrey Central Skytrain station, Surrey City Hall, Surrey Central Library, TNT Supermarket, Walmart, Simon Fraser University, and Kwantlen Polytechnic University
ADDRESS: 13303 Central Ave, Surrey, BC
MARKETING: Bill Morison Consulting